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The most recent educational course from Project Drawdown is:

Climate Solutions 101

Project Drawdown has previously released its Drawdown Review. It’s for earth activists. You already know the consequences of Climate Change.

The Review describes the current greenhouse gas condition, but moves quickly to remedies. In fact the conditions contributing to today’s climate challenge are described here mostly by their solutions. Then, helpfully, those solutions are ranked by their efficacy in greenhouse gas reduction and sequestration.

World climate change needn’t be such a daunting issue. The Review provides satisfying assurance the scope of the problem is being competently defined. The wealth of countermeasures offered defines, and more so guides, how individuals and groups can join the effort.

The emphasis is on these solutions, with much more detail here.

4 thoughts on “Project Drawdown”

  1. Dear All,

    We are looking for 6 kg biochar to purchase for research purposes ( saline soil amendment), with known detailed feedstocks, and physicochemical properties, which are produced for experimental purposes/laboratory standards and control.

    Please would you have biochar, which will be used for saline soil treatment?

    Best regards,
    Bewuket Tefera
    Cell: 7867864096
    Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
    University of Florida
    1741 Museum Road, Gainesville, FL 32611, USA

  2. To whom it may concern,
    I have just saw a story on the news about Hamakua marsh and am happy someone feels the same way I do about this vital ecosystem. I have been complaining about the pollution that Windward Boats is putting into the marsh and nothing is ever done .
    I have contacted Alexander and Baldwin multiple times as well as Ikaika Anderson,Laura Theiland,Dave Smith of DLNR as well as the federal EPA and nobody does a thing. This business is sanding toxic anti foul boat bottom paint on the hidden back corner of A&B’s property. They are polluting the marsh and it’s all hidden and nobody knows what’s happening,As a former employee I definitely do. Please try to get them to stop, I have been unsuccessful.
    Thank you

    1. Hey Craig,

      Thanks for your email. One of The Hamakua Group Projects is to institute a more comprehensive water quality testing program throughout Kailua’s freshwater system. Flash points of interest like you describe at the head of the Hamakua Wetlands would surely be on the list of test sites to document the occurrence and extent of contamination.

      All of the results of this water quality sampling would be made public in context of what values are dangerous to wetland health, or not.

      Thanks for your interest.

      The Hamakua Group

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