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The Hamakua Group
A Hawaii nonprofit Corporation
EIN: 87-3716275

The Corporation is organized exclusively for charitable, literary or educational Purposes under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, or the corresponding provision of any future federal tax code, including for such purposes to promote ecologically accountable public and private community improvement through education and direction leading to responsible action and increased environmental resilience, all of which shall be accomplished within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Five Hamakua Group environmental projects of interest:

1 – Hamakua Makai Wetland

– remove previous illegal wetland fill material
– maintain modest footpath / boardwalk
– shoreline vegetation control to maintain integrity of Kawainui Stream

Restoration of Wetland to its 2002 pre-fill condition will activate more of its wetland ecologic services to demonstrate how Kailua can contribute to a safer local and global future.

2 – Hamakua Biochar Initiative

– perform and document on farms of local Hamakua Biochar recipients their ongoing biochar field performance
– measure and evaluate efficacy of each wood species vs. its produced biochar field performance
– modify biochar furnace production specifics as required to improve field performances
– maintain biochar furnace electrical and mechanical infrastructure

Biochar will be produced on selected site from local farm cuttings, residue, etc. as well as that from island-wide public and private landholders and landscaping operations. Such biochar will be offered back to local farms as a free soil amendment to increase their crop yields, and then to other entities as availability allows. This harvesting of atmospheric CO2 and its sequestration underground is an example of global CO2 removal to the benefit of local agriculture.

3 – Kaha Bio-Retention Ponds –

– perform and document ongoing freshwater quality analyses
– measure and evaluate efficiency of each Pond’s inflow vs. outflow performance
– modify retention schemes as required to improve performance
– maintain pond circulatory infrastructure

A passive low impact design (LID) bio-retentive pond system based on current incoming water quality analyses can clean city stormwater runoff prior to its flow into Kawainui Stream, Hamakua Wetlands and the ocean. Anticipate ponds becoming a University of Hawaii study center for similar programs and ongoing research and development of such systems.

4 – Multi-parameter Sensing Devices

– discover and record real-time multi-site water quality metrics
– document bio-retention pond efficiencies
– characterize current/ongoing kailua waterways pollution, stormwater and other: where, when, what and how much
– data use to help manage Kailua beaches and nearshore ocean wildlife

Management of Hamakua Wetland’s flora/fauna and that of points downstream including beaches and nearshore waters can be improved by a greater density of automated water quality measurements. Our reef systems can also be a beneficiary.

5 – Oahu Recycling Centers –

– document Center’s intake and output of each category of recyclable and Center’s safety record for City & County of Honolulu, and State of Hawaii Dept of Health
– measure and evaluate efficiency of each recycling device’s mechanical performance
– modify recycling scheme and public interface as required to improve performance for the community
– maintain Center’s hard infrastructure and site locations

Outside engineering firm(s) tasked with developing an efficient/viable recycling operation initially for Oahu residents’ convenience. Anticipate multiple drop locations leading to reuse of recyclables as byproducts for local current or future businesses, thus decreasing the dollar and ecological burden of imported materials.

Rev 6.5.23

Hawaii CO2 values, The Hamakua Group

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The Hamakua Group
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